27 February 2009


I shouted Thursday's success to the world, and didn't even give pause after a friend made a comment about street cleaning. I flashed Henry's lights this morning as I left for work - mostly to find out if I could. I smiled at him as Jesse and I went to the grocery store, still so very tickled. I told Jesse to be on the lookout for street cleaning signs, but I didn't think there would actually be any. My neighborhood is full of very narrow streets. How could a cleaner get through? And why would anyone clean *these streets? They're lined with cars as far as the eye can see. But you see the proof as clearly as we did. Street cleaning on Mondays. Operation "Find A Good Parking Spot & Never Leave" was thwarted. I'm at work at those hours. And sure - that's probably why the cleaning happens when it does - but I've just been sentenced to race my neighbors home every Monday. It means parking all over again. It means I don't "own" that spot, which truly is a shame.

I noticed most (but not all) streets have cleaning notices. That gives me hope. If I could manage to move Henry to a street that's allowed to stay dirty, I may get to quasi- abandon him yet. Still, I'd rather have the spot I have. It brought me peace of mind for the last 24 hours, and I want more. Where will I find my next fix?

~ Danie D.

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