04 February 2009

Post Detox | Which Way To Go

I've decided to eat Friday, seven days (to the hour) since I had my last meal. I realized part of my earlier indecision was not knowing how to move forward after the detox. I am resetting my palate, and the first things I eat have to be important. That's probably not technically accurate, but it's the idea in my head and I will respond to it. I will have to ease back into complex foods like proteins, refined sugars, and dairy. And that will help me not go to Taco Bell right away. It should be noted I typically don't like Taco Bell. But its food has looked especially delicious in recent commercials.

Of course I plan to avoid fried foods. I'm not supposed to have them because of my defunct gallbladder. I'll also be avoiding as much salt as possible. It's crucial to controlling my blood pressure. Theoretically, that means I should also avoid cheese. It's both bad for the gallbladder and loaded with sodium. Unfortunately, I really enjoy cheese. I do not think I would be being honest if I said I would give up cheese. I may limit it though. I hope.

Do I go back to drinking coffee? There is research showing three to five cups a day may help prevent dementia. But the withdrawals from the start of the detox made me question if I ever wanted coffee again. It was painful to not drink it. Then again, I survived that just fine. And I do know how to ween myself off caffeine if I know I'll have to go on without it.

What about bread, breaded chicken, pasta, and sugary desserts? I saw a dessert on Burning Pasta that I will be trying. It does not appear to be unhealthy, but if left alone with it at home, I know I'd eat the entire thing. I'll have to save it for a potluck or for entertaining.

I want to eat well. I want to eat more fruit, more vegetables, fewer processed foods. I have an opportunity here to put only good and healthy things in my body. I'm not sure how, but I plan to take full advantage.

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