03 February 2009

Not Eating Is Boring

There is part of that thinks you're checking the blog to make sure I'm surviving the detox. I am. Things are going better than one might think. I haven't eaten since Friday, but I'm no worse for the wear. People are looking for signs of fatigue, and they're not finding it. I was actually accused of being giddy today. I admit I don't feel 100%, but I'm definitely a solid 90. Still, I may call this off earlier than planned. I think the detox is making me more boring.

I'm trying not to overexert myself. Even though I'm not woozy or delirious, I know my body is operating on lemon juice, maple syrup, and water that doesn't even have natural minerals. It would be foolish to lift weights, or run a lot of errands in one sitting. I'm fine as long as I work, do some light cardio, and sit at home. I can't go out with friends; when was the last time you were at an outing that did not involve food? I've been at home, and that doesn't make for any good stories. Jesse's out of town, so his antics aren't documented. I'm obviously not cooking anything I can share. Food (I have learned) is less important than eating. Eating, preparing food, even grocery shopping all take time. Now that all of that time is free, I find there's no easy way to fill it.

So I'm thinking of doing 6 or 7 days instead of 8. Wednesday will be day 5 and that's a milestone I've already reached twice. So I'd like to do more. Six days seems so minimal. But what's the difference between 7 and 8? I'm leaning toward 7. That will give me the full weekend to ease myself back into eating. Does that make me a quitter? We'll see how I feel Friday. I still have plenty of time to not eat.

I do, however, have a medical victory to declare. I had a check up Monday to determine if it was a good idea for me to stop taking my blood pressure medication. My doctor suggested I stop two months ago. I had to promise to exercise though. Unchecked high blood pressure will cause a stroke. I did not exercise as much as he wanted. He specifically told me to lose weight and I made minimal progress. I could offer excuses but the bottom line is I didn't do what I was supposed to do. Still, my blood pressure was 125 / 70. It was 130 / 110 & 170 / 105 when I was first diagnosed (accidentally by my gyno) in late 2005. This means I'm off the pills for good. Take that genetics. In your face family history. I have to go back in two months for another check. And I'm not throwing my pills away. But I had been facing a prescription for my entire life. I'm 27. That was going to be a long time. now I have a reprieve and I am not going to screw it up.

Anyway, I was reading about my previous detoxifications. You should too, if you have the time. You'll have to skip the first few posts. They're recent and you really should have read them already. Enjoy.


  1. I do not know how you do it! I give you a ton of credit. Two years ago, I was super sick around this time and couldn't eat, pretty much, at all. I was throwing up every time I tried and the doctors didn't know what to do so they didn't give me anything and just kept having me come to see them every few days for a "weigh in" (I know, sounds like I was a wrestler or something, right?). Anyhow, two weeks went by with NOTHING in me but liquids and I realized exactly what you just said...life is sort of boring without food...the buying, cooking, eating...etc. I felt like I had a whole lot of extra time all of a sudden. Weird.

    Anyhow, you can do it, Danie! Congrats on five days! Can't wait to see what your new personal record will be!

  2. Oh and PS-super happy to hear that you don't have to take meds forever. You must be extremely happy!