01 February 2009

Making Lemonade

This is what I'll be consuming from Saturday to Saturday. I'll be mixing distilled water, maple syrup, and lemon juice. Somewhere in the planning process, I decided freshly squeezed lemon juice would be best. I also decided I had to do the squeezing myself, and that I therefore had to buy a squeezer. There must be something in my DNA that loves spending.

The detox guide says the juice can be from concentrate, and recommends the Minute Maid brand. But that comes in 7.5oz (less than 1 cup) bottles and the mixture requires 12oz (1.5 cups) a day. If you can even find this juice, you'll end up buying 3 bottles for every 2 days of the detox. I used that the first time. Then decided to find a way to spend a little less.

I switched to the ReaLemon juice that's easily found in the juice aisle. Know what? That's expensive too. Furthermore, the ReaLemon doesn't look right if you pour it in a cup. It's yellow, but looks a little off for being lemon juice. So this time around, I'm not using it.

There are cons to the fresh lemon juice plan though. It takes 9 lemons to get 12oz of juice. Here in Chinatown, lemons are 3 for $1. I'll have spent $21 on lemons when this is done. That seems ridiculous. But I really think I would spend more if I were using bottled lemon juice. If only I hadn't bought that squeezer.

Real lemons taste better anyway. It's the difference between powdered lemonade mix and actual lemonade - or in this case between something I don't mind and something delicious. The 1/3 cup of maple syrup leaves no syrup taste. As far as I can tell, it just acts as sugar to make the lemonade sweeter. Waste of money or not, I am having the best detoxification mixture ever.

It should be noted I prefer tart lemonade, and used to eat lemons when I was a child. My parents will tell you it contributed to what they call my "heartless" personality.


  1. detox? I've drank my share of nasty beverages but I don't think I could have what you're having. I prefer the intoxication overdose, that usually cleans out my whole system. After complete reboot of course

  2. i also love lemons - i did not eat them but i often sucked on them (that sounds worse than i meant it to) and you are correct - fresh squeezed lemonade is like heaven in a glass!