26 February 2009


My car (Henry) is California certified. I could tell you how awful it's been - parking in a garage accessible to car thieves, paying $10 a night for pretend security, upgrading to a truly secured garage for $199/month, refusing to actually take the car because of *where the garage is, getting $200+ in parking tickets, or spending 45 minutes looking for street parking - but that's all behind us now. Talking about those things would detract from the awesome things that happened today.

I set myself up to sell Henry. I don't use him and he costs me a lot of money. He's a great car, and has all of his maintenance on time and at Hyundai dealerships. I looked at the numbers though, and realized I owe more than he's worth. Some who wish to incur my wrath would say I was "underwater." Those people should not talk to me, unless they want to hear about stupid phrases coined by faceless clowns and disseminated on TV. For everyone else, I'll say I'm keeping my car. And today I'm okay with that.

I took Henry for maintenance today. His oil was changed, tires rotated, filters checked, and bolts tightened. I also replaced a wiper and bought touch up paint for some of my parking garage escapades. Earlier this month, he was registered, license plated, and parking permitted. All that prepared Henry for my ideal; a long term parking place.

I was willing to parallel park on a hill to find Henry a nice place. What I found was significantly better. It's a block from where we live, on my way to the gym, and not on an incline. My heart literally skipped a beat when I saw it, and I blame my shaking for my first awful parallel parking attempts. in the end, it was a perfect fit. And I see a long future for my well maintained car. All is right in the world.
~ Danie D.
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  1. "Underwater" was "Upside-down" as I remember it, but was no less unfuriating when used to describe my former situation(s). Being a car guy, and all. Ben

  2. So I don't get it. Henry is safer parked on the street than in a garage? What about drive-by tomato-ings?

  3. The neighborhood where the street is is safer than the neighborhood where the garage is. It'll be easier to watch Henry here and I'll feel safer taking him for rides and parking him if I need to do so. And the street costs a lot less.