07 February 2009

It Must Be Noted

Two hours after eating Friday night, I had a vicious leg cramp in my left inner thigh. It was excruciating, and (in my mind) directly related to eating. Had I still been not eating, I firmly believe the cramp would not have happened. It was especially annoying because I can't think of what caused it.

My feast started with a banana, then went to another. I never finished the second banana though, because I got nauseous. It passed, and I enjoyed a main course of rice and peas. There was white popcorn (popped in olive oil, served without butter or salt) for dessert and at the end I was neither full nor hungry. I was neither satisfied nor craving. I had eaten and for all the satisfaction it brought, I could have not. Once my thigh began seizing, I was wishing it was not.

I admit the possibility of coincidence. I had been without potassium, magnesium and calcium for 9 days, all of which I take specifically to prevent leg cramps. I had also been exercising, which has in the past given me increased leg cramping. But rationale is no comfort when you can hardly walk. And I was surly when I went to bed. I later woke up to cramps in both legs and decided food was evil.

I'm not sure what it was about what I ate that made my body so angry, but I took the reintroduction of food very seriously Saturday. I ate more bananas and blueberries and chose egg whites, cheddar, and turkey sausage for my first proteins. Breakfast wasn't an easy decision. I'm finding I'm just as concerned with quality now as I am with quantity. Basically, I'm looking for foods that are both low calorie and as close to raw as possible. I don't want a lot of preservatives. The fact is (from what I've been reading) preservatives, vitamins, medicines and food all go through the liver. Usually they stop in the gallbladder first, but in my case that does no good. The liver is also responsible for breaking down belly fat. It has to work harder for fatty foods, alcohol, and potatoes (not sure why - you try googling liver + potatoes and see what you get). So I'm going to be nicer to my liver to encourage it to sort through my belly remaining belly fat. I'm not going to go entirely raw, just be more aware and cook as much as possible.

We'll see how that goes, and how my liver repays me. I must admit I haven't been it's best friend in the last decade or so. Whatever I'm about to get, I'm sure I deserve.

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