06 February 2009

"And Scene"

The detox is just about over. I have just under two hours left and I figured I'd write about it now, in case I put myself in a fruit and vegetable coma later.

The detox was success. I was in a really good mood all week - to the point where my director accused me of being delirious. I assure you I was lucid the entire time. I just didn't get worked up over anything. All of my walks were pleasant and my customer service experiences good. I don't know if that was directly related to the detox, but somehow I think it was.

I didn't feel hungry, but I did want food. My teeth were sticky from not chewing. I brushed my teeth and tongue a lot, but it barely helped.

I'll do this again, but probably not for 7 days. The program recommended 3 - 5 and I realize that's probably the time it takes for the pills to work their magic. After that, I think the body just loses weight. I've lost 10 pounds over last 9 days. I'm sure I'll gain some once I start eating again. Then again I gained 2 pounds overnight this week from (presumably) all the liquids. So maybe I'll get to keep my loss.

A new chapter begins once I start to eat. Immediately I'll be on a restricted diet like I was when I started. It will be a shock to my system to have to break down food again and the reaction might be less than pleasant. After that I plan to change some of the foods I ingest. I'll be eating more lemons, because they're good for the liver. I'll also be avoiding all - purpose flour, and using bread or cake flour depending on the recipe. Apparently, there are differences. I'll also be trying to swap refined sugar for maple syrup, as it's natural and an easy substitute for cooking. Overall, I plan to eat less processed food and cook more. I'm excited.

And if you're wondering, I'll be eating fruit, rice, peas, and maybe popcorn tonight. There are a lot of things I want to try but I have a feeling I'll get full early.

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  1. I'm real proud of you Danie...god job..and you even used my line for your blog title too.