05 February 2009

90 Day Challenge | 83 Days To Go

It's been a week since I issued my 90 Day Challenge. Having no clear rules makes it difficult to measure success. So today I asked myself: "what have you done to make your life better?" And I am pleased to report I have taken steps. No I haven't signed a law for equal pay or created a middle class task force like the president. But I'm also not endorsing a bunch of tax cheats, so there.

I have detoxified, which I do believe is good for my physical and mental health. There's the willpower test of having food, having the ability to eat that food, and not eating the aforementioned food. And there's whatever is going on inside. The fact that I'm not hungry makes me think the program is working like it's supposed to and I'm being cleansed.

I've also declared February & March as "No Buy Months." This is an idea I'm lifting from another blogger. I will not waste money on the non-essentials. This will mean not going out to eat, not buying clothes, not going to Target, and not making any whimsical purchases. If I see something I like, I'll wait until April. If I still think I must have it, I'll debate it again. I'm not trying to save so I can splurge. The point is to curb spending overall. I have trips planned in both April and May and credit cards are not an option. Plus, Jesse is on a job hunt. We have no place living high on the hog.

There will be exceptions. At some point I will have to get my hair done. I also still have one flight to buy. We will be buying groceries and paying bills. But there will not be room for anything else. Right now I think I'll miss going to the movies the most. But it's just two months. And we have Netflix. More than that, we still have a city to explore.

So I will say the 90 Day Challenge is going well. I will hopefully have more money saved when it's over.

On another note: I like this picture. It's from the White House Blog, taken Super Bowl Sunday. I like President Obama's ears. I also like his focus. I don't know why. It just made me smile.


  1. I'm with you! I dig his ears, too! Detox still on til...?

  2. I understand what you mean...but how are we going to get this economy moving if people aren't willing to spend money? Maybe it's not something you need...but every little bit helps!

  3. booo the steelers. and i applaud your efforts not to spend. yes our economy needs it - but others need to realize not everyone is loaded!

  4. Of course, not everyone is loaded.. I'm not loaded... I've struggled just as much as everyone else the last year... but there's only me... I don't need to save my money for kids and mortgages and all the extra expenses... that come with having a family... so I can afford to spend a little more. I'm not the only one like that.