29 January 2009

Time To Reset

I started my fourth detox today. I'm planning a 12 day stint, with eight days without food. I am allowing myself to cut the eight days to six, if I feel I really need it. I'm using the M'lis Detoxification Kit, which is what I used the first time I did a detox. It's similar to the Master Cleanse, but does not include any salt or cayenne pepper. It's two days without protein, dairy, refined sugar, refined flour, alcohol or caffeine. That's followed by at least three (in this case 8) days of a distilled water, lemon juice and maple syrup mixture. I'm also taking fiber, detoxification, and cleansing pills. I end with two days exactly like the first, then reintroduce whatever I want into my diet.

Today ended up being a less than ideal day to start, because we had a Lunar New Year potluck at work. The food all looked and smelled delicious, but I sat at my desk and ate a lot of fruit. I've done the detox in Fargo, Vegas, and now San Francisco. So far the reactions have been as different as the weather.

In Fargo I remember it being an adventure. My friends (Heather & Heather) witnessed it with me. We talked about it and learned how it felt together. They didn't do it, but they asked a lot of questions. In Vegas there were what can only be described as "haters." My friends wanted me to eat. It sounds like a good thing, but I was trying not to eat. I mean they didn't bring me to buffets or sabotage me me unattended pizzas. But I got guff everyday. In San Francisco, it seems no one is surprised. People have heard about it (or at least of the Master Cleanse) and are relieved there's no cayenne pepper involved. I've never used it, but it seems to be heinous. Mostly everyone wished me luck and asked me to keep them up to date on my feelings.

Of course there's the why. Ultimately yes, I am doing this to lose weight. But not in the way it may first appear. I don't expect to lose 40 pounds of fat doing this. I do think this will help me stay focused. I'll have almost two weeks to get over cravings and give my liver a break. The liver (if you didn't know) is solely responsible for belly fat. My liver has a lot of work to do. It's also doing double duty, breaking down the food my gallbladder can't. Lemon juice is good for the liver, and promotes cleanliness. The detox will keep my liver fresh and hopefully stimulate it that much more when I get back to eating. Also, my skin has not been clear since I moved here. And I just can't have that.

Day one went well. I had all the fruit I wanted and plain popcorn. My only issue was the caffeine headache. I meant to not have coffee this week in order to prepare. But I forgot. So today hurt. Tomorrow will be better.


  1. This is so inspiring. I think I'll try it.

  2. good luck and i hope you have a desk next to the bathroom when you are able to eat again...
    heather v.