12 December 2008

Officially Too Legit To Quit

We've moved, and now by blog has too. Jesse bought www.piqueaboo.com for me. It might just be fewer letters to you, but it means a lot to me. And honestly I'm not even sure why. The premise for the site will be the same and http://piqueaboo.blogspot.com will still redirect here. Still, I'm registered and listed in a directory. I think that means I'm an official blogger, although I have no certificate identifying me as such. The "www" adds something, and will make it a lot easier for parents to find me. We communicate mostly by phone, and a lot on three way conversations, so spelling it out gets annoying. I suspect it got me in trouble once as well, but that's another story.

Interesting fact: it can take up to three days for www.piqueaboo.com to spread across the Internet. Jesse called it "populating." He explained the Internet is large. I told him I thought it was fast. I suppose we're both right.

Anyway, change (or add) your bookmarks. I'm certified!