01 December 2008

New Hope Equals New Motivation

Today my new doctor said "I agree with myself." He had sought (or told me he sought) a second opinion about whether I should have my gallbladder removed. The thought right now is no. My doctor says I'm young and healthy (but chubby - his word) and should be fine. He wants to wait a year, and test my most useless organ then. He says it fills up with bile just fine. I don't know if there was a doubt about that. I'm concerned though about what happens when it doesn't excrete that bile. I like my doctor, but there will be litigation if something ruptures. You may be called upon to testify.

Other potentially positive yet potentially health-damaging news: I've been given the green light to ease up on the blood pressure medicine. Of course that's only if I exercise and lose weight. I have exactly two months to test this, and find out if I'm healthy enough to self regulate. So far I'm not even daring to dream of a life without pills. I've planned to pay for prescriptions for the rest of my life. A reprieve isn't even imaginable. But I have new hope. It'll keep me motivated to exercise.

Jesse has also promised to help me be healthy. He knows what's in store for him. I am what he affectionately calls a "garbage gut." If it's loaded with sugar and has no nutritional value, I can't live without it.

Good luck to us both I suppose.
~ Danie D.
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