24 December 2008

'Twas the night before Christmas -
actually the start of Christmas Eve.
And Danie was stoked -
more than she could believe.
The menu was set.
They would both be much fatter.
And there were only three holes
in the cookie dough battter.
The stockings were hung.
The gifts were nearly all present.
There were just two delayed,
one from each parent.
But before dinner and gifts,
there were jobs to be done.
There were gifts to be wrapped,
and a search for sweet buns.
Today's about focus -
bringing joy and cheer.
And planning for birthdays
that start early next year.
Have a Happy Holiday,
or Christmas, or Hannukah...
Or Festivus, or birthday...
and a Merry Kwanzaa!

1 comment:

  1. were you going for anapestic tetrameter here?

    seriously, what have I been reading?