01 December 2008

The Calm. Then The Storm.

After we ate Thursday, we started fighting the food coma. We had slept for about 11 hours Wednesday night (we blame the new and much more comfortable bed) and were not at all tired Thursday morning. We had planned to get the rest of our stuff from the old place, and sort through the paper for Black Friday deals. Unfortunately we were late getting on that train. All the papers were sold out. We tried to grocery stores and as many of those sidewalk machines as Jesse could find. So we ate. And there was nothing else to do. So we sat. But there was only one place to sit. We talked. And we slept. And then came Friday.
We had ideas, but no plan. I wanted to hit Ikea, Target, and The Container Store. We also needed to get our stuff. All of these steps required a lot of forethought - because we want to be as efficient as possible with driving and parking. In the end we started with Ikea, as it was the furthest away. It was the first time either of us had been to an Ikea and it was overwhelming. We found a lot of things we liked, as well as a lot of things we could have convinced ourselves we needed. We bought a nice dresser for $150, and I considered that trip to be a success. We did get to Target, where I missed a lot off my list. It's different when I shop with a person. I want to hurry and not waste their time. Jesse wanders, so it's easier with him. But I still do not want to dawdle. Plus Target was a zoo on Friday. We left as quickly as we could. And I was already making my next shopping list as Jesse drove us home.
And thus went the last three days. We browsed. We bought. We bickered. Now we have everything we need to get us through the rest of the year. Some things have to wait because of Christmas shopping. There are also bills and the double rent thing. Still - Jesse and I more excited than before. These are exciting times.

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