21 December 2008

Adventures In Picture Taking

Below you will find what is likely the most ridiculous picture of us you will ever see. It's from our Christmas card photo shoot Wednesday afternoon. We were at Twin Peaks, where we were running out of daylight. The picture taking had to wait until after Jesse got out of work at 4. He then had to wait for me (because I just had to go to the gym first) and then we had to get the car and find our way. I never doubted we'd find a picture-taker among the tourists, and I was right. However, the woman who volunteered was so fast in doing so, neither of us were ready. I took time to zip my jacket, but not to fix my hat. She took one lovely picture, then asked us to turn and look at each other.

This is not something we have ever done and I do not see us ever doing it again. I turned right away but Jesse hesitated. I knew he was thinking it was ridiculous and he was right. Still, she was doing us a favor and making a genuine effort to leave us with nice options. So I turned and stared at Jesse's profile until he turned as well. Notice my eyes are warning him to keep smiling and to be appreciative. Not him leaning back, as if to say "I know. But I really do not like this." Notice my smile, which is really a laugh at what we were doing. Notice him laughing back.

Again, this is not the picture we chose. It's just not us. But it's there. And I appreciate the woman who took it. And nothing against couples who stage pictures showing them staring into each others' eyes. In fact, more power too them. We'll stay out of your way.


  1. It may not be you..but I like it... It's really cool... you look like you have a secret that only you two know about.

  2. It starts with pictures like this... lovebirds gazing into each others eyes.. then the next thing you know.. you two are going to be walking down the isle. I'm just saying :) Haha!!

  3. For a minute, I thought you were talking about Twin Peaks in Dallas...


    Ah, memories!

  4. who is this insane person you handed your camera to? they don't even make you do this at prom! no one does this, do they?

  5. I always take the extreme route. IF this was my couple photoshoot. I would totally push for this one to be used. It would be a funny story to tell. Or come to think of it. It would most likely be the toned down one of the pics I wanted to take....you know for pure humour value. Maybe this is one reason I'm never in a relationship. Hmmmm Go figure

    Still a great story!!!

  6. Something like this happened to Dustin and I last summer. This woman offered to take our pic, then insisted on taking about a hundred more saying..."Oh, wait, this is a great shot. Wait! Let me just get one more." It was as if no one ever lets her take pictures in her family or something. The two dozen shots was probably why.

    I was waiting for her to take off running with our camera...lots of pics later, we got it back and it was completely hilarious, but, as you said: We had lots of options!