04 December 2008

Adventures in Clothes Washing

I did laundry Thursday afternoon and it was an experience like none other. We don't have a washer / dryer in our apartment, nor do we don't have one in our building. Fortunately this is a common occurrence, and there are laundry facilities all over this neighborhood. We found one just up the hill and across the street and another around the corner, sans a street to cross. I chose to go to the second one, because it's larger and for some reason that translated to me as more convenient.

It's been a while since I did laundry. I think I washed clothes before my last trip to Vegas, which means before the move, before Thanksgiving, and before this whole week that's just about gone by. The dirty clothes were split between the two apartments, and therefore were able to disguise themselves as "not that many" clothes. But we ended up having five (5!) loads. I got to wash them all at once, which is a major perk. The drawback being I of course had to pay. And I'm not sure the convenience is worth $13, but it's my only option. So let's say it is.

Another perk - being around the corner from home. It's going to be very convenient for me to drop off the stuff that dries on a rack while everything else is drying.

Another drawback - the change machine doesn't take the new $10 bill. I had to go next door and buy something for change. That was my thinking at the time. Now though I realize I should have asked to swap $10 bills. I would have saved dollars and calories.

Anyway, our clothes are clean. I learned that a lot of men do the laundry in the SF Chinese culture, and that a quarter will only get you so far.
~ Danie D.
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