21 November 2008

We Have Keys

Jesse picked up the keys to our new place today. I met him there after work and I'm not sure I can describe how good it feels. It's only our second time inside, and there are things we didn't look at closely when we toured. We both assumed we'd be able to look at it again before we signed the lease. We envisioned a walk through with the landlord where we could talk about anything that might need to be fixed or replaced. We're dreamers. That's just not how it works in San Francisco. We signed the lease the day after first seeing it and didn't see it again until today. We still love it.

The bedroom and kitchen are huge. The living room is s good size for a living room, but small for a living / dining area. There are wood floors in those areas, linoleum in the kitchen, and my least favorite kind of tile floor in the bathroom. There are a lot of windows, natural light, and kitchen storage. There is only one closet.

I firmly believe we can fit all of our stuff inside (even the 10 boxes of books) if we get creative. We're taking any and all space saving ideas.

I'm excited to make that place ours. It's the first place we've picked together and it'll be the first place we design together. When we moved to Vegas, I picked the place and got there first while Jesse finished his lease. I had months to decorate and somehow it felt like he was moving in with me, instead of us moving in together. That's all different this time around and I'm really excited. I know he is too. Go us.
~ Danie D.
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  1. I'm extremely jealous of your new place. It couldn't be more perfect!