03 November 2008

Vegas - Things Missed

I didn't just go to Vegas to party. I went to get some of our stuff out of storage and settle some retail issues.

Saturday morning I got up just after 6, went to our storage unit, bought white popcorn kernels (no store in San Francisco will sell them!) went to the post office and still had a full delicious breakfast with Kate and Melissa at Blueberry Hill. I then enjoyed the convenience of driving on less congested roads, two-way streets, and familiar drivers. I also enjoyed what I consider to be reasonable prices. I saved $1.50 on each bundle of peach cups pictured above. I also saved $2 on each bag of granola, and $3.50 on each container of nut mix. It cost $17 to ship. So I still came out ahead.

I know I can't keep going to Vegas for groceries. I've decided to buy the popcorn by the case, because it really is my favorite snack. It's high in fiber, and I eat it without salt or butter. I doubt I could find a healthier snack I like half as much.

I was going to turn to Amazon for the nut mix, but it was sold out. I can't give you more detail than that, because if you try it, you'll love it. And Jesse and just can't have that. I'm going to look into buying that in bulk, or online through target. I may have to suck up the cost of the peach cups and the granola. Although I have thought about placing an outstanding order through my mother. She objects to unreasonable food prices just like I do. I'm sure she would understand.

Anyway, by the time Saturday night came around, I was too tired to do anything, including keep my eyes open. I left under cloudy skies Sunday morning, ready to get back to the San Francisco grind. First up: take two at trying to get a referral to a surgeon.
~ Danie D.
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