02 November 2008

Time For A Little Vacation

This Halloween I took a trip to Vegas. I flew US Airways and not only did I get an exit row, but there was no seat in front of me. That's probably the most leg room I've ever had. It would have been worth a longer flight, had I not been so excited to get to the business of the partying.

Kate and I first thought about it before I even moved. It wasn't concrete though until I couldn't go to my high school reunion. It was too soon into my new job for a day off and flights were to expensive for a Friday - Sunday trip. I was really disappointed and decided I was entitled to something not entirely responsible, but fun. So Kate and I hatched a plan for me to come to Vegas. And we only told Melissa.

Part of the fun was the party. Our friends Crystal and Kyle had a party, and the them was celebrity / movie characters. Kate, Melissa and I decided to go as the three girls from Clueless. It took a lot of planning, shopping, and glue to pull our costumes together. But they were a success. I'll post pictures as soon as I get home.
~ Danie D.
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  1. David says it was an absolutely marvelous surprise and I was so happy to see you...even for that short of time. The Three Amigas really know how to pull off a surprise...well done!!!