11 November 2008

Things Are Happening

"Things are happening." If it's not the most useless sentence ever, it has to be up there.
I write it to say a lot though. We found a place. It has a kitchen we like in a neighborhood we wanted at a price that's agreeable. Apparently there is a push to get people moved in before the holidays. So we're paying $100 a month less than we would have if we had signed a month ago. Maybe we're paying more than we would if we had signed a month from now, but I highly doubt the place would have still been available.
We're really close to finding a parking garage where my car can be safe and monitored. There may be a parking spot available through the apartment building. If not, we found a garage with 24 hour access, surveillance, and that would give me my own remote to get to my car. If I'm paying for parking (and I would be with the second place) I want all of the above.
My computer is back in business. We picked up a virus during the move. It's been removed. I added more memory and now my computer is as fast as it ever was. We spend a lot of time in Starbucks and Borders, where we get free wifi. It's not ideal, but it's free and convenient enough until we get cable & Internet in our place.
I'll also be back to the gym this afternoon, which will be a huge relief. I've been stressing about living & parking arrangements and not working out. Jesse is the only one to feel the brunt of that. He deserves a gold star for sure. Stability is returning to our lives and I cannot wait. We move in the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Then we just have to get furniture, find a laundry, and pick up our stuff from Vegas. We'll be back to Muay Thai and camping in no time. Things are happening!

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