30 November 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Jesse and I both had four days off for the Thanksgiving Holiday. It was the worst and the best timing ever. The worst because the stars could not align for us to go to North Dakota. We had held out hope that we'd be able to go, and gave serious thought to driving the 54 hours there and back. But we still would have missed most of Thanksgiving Day. So we decided against it. But we were really close.

The break was the best timing for our move though. We got the keys to our new place a week ago, and got our bed Tuesday. We moved most of our stuff Wednesday, and were able to have a little Thanksgiving on Thursday. It reads easy enough, but trust me when I tell you it was an ordeal.

Going back to Wednesday, I had a doctor's appointment after work. It was not gallbladder related (although I see that doctor tomorrow) but it was more than halfway across town. I did not schedule it that way - the doctor apparently changed her mind about where she wanted to be. Must be nice.

By the time I got out of the office and found my way back to our temporary place, it was 4PM. We packed, loaded the car, illegally parked, dropped off our stuff, and went to the grocery store. I don't think Jesse had ever been to a supermarket the night before Thanksgiving. He thought we would be able to get a flyer, make a list, and shop. We couldn't. We didn't. We left.

So there we were - hours from having my Thanksgiving hopes ruined. We had no food, only half our stuff, and no plan. We went back to our new place, found a legal parking spot, and decided to try again Thanksgiving morning.

I don't remember what time we got up, but it wasn't too early. There were significantly fewer people at the grocery store and more game hens, which is what I decided to make. Optimism was restored.

Back at the new home I was ready to get to work, but couldn't. My hens were frozen. There was nothing to do but bathe them in hot water and wait. I had lemon and rosemary to put in their "cavities," and frozen birds don't give an inch. I did take time from the bathing though to learn how to properly peel garlic. I had always stopped at the papery part. Jesse showed me they're actually quite smooth.

Eventually they warmed (and opened) up to me. I stuffed them, and roasted them with garlic, olive oil, white wine, and chicken broth. I also mashed potatoes and made peas. We had ice cream for dessert and everything was delicious, although minimalistic.

We don't have a table. We don't have chairs. We don't have serving dishes or other grown up things. We have boxes. And one storage bin which makes a great table for formal dining.

I think we made the best out of what we had. We have plenty of leftovers (the recipe called for four hens) and haven't been nibbling too much (our microwave is still in Vegas). I have a lot to be thankful for this season, specifically Jesse - who keeps me sane, my new job - which keeps me employed, our apartment - which keeps us warm, our family - which supports us moving all over the country, and our friends - who read my blog and just care about us.


  1. Looks great. Those game hens look like living little hens, they scare me. I did a stuffed breast. It was "pre" stuffed. Very good though.

  2. Your dinner sounds spectacular! I love game hens, but have a severe wine allergy. Anyhow, the place looks amazing...I love all the natural light! And can't wait to see more pictures when you guys settle in completely! Congratulations!

  3. and you call ME domestic? i am proud! and i love the fact you used a storage container for a table - when i lived alone in myrtle beach - i used a box full of books (which was full b/c i had no shelves to put them on)

    melissa loves game hen - i want to try it now.

  4. David W is proud of you... I'm thankful that you and Jesse are my pals. I cannot wait to visit you in San Fran... and by the way..my mother makes an excellent game hen... I loved it when I was growing up. Cornish Game Hens..yummy