12 November 2008

Other Political Tidbits

Before I became enraged over the Big 3, and the cold shoulder they're receiving from Congress (see below), I had planned to talk about my political observations this morning.
First: President Bush looks good. He did an interview with CNN from the USS Intrepid on Veterans Day and he just looked relieved. Of course short-timers always have a different outlook on life, and I have a different outlook on President Bush knowing he's a short timer. Still, he just seems more affable on his way out.
Second: Barack Obama is going to be living with his mother-in-law. She's expected to be moving into the White House. I just think that's funny.
Have you visited the official President-Elect website? Aside from updates on the transition, and job postings, there is also a blog. Barack Obama is totally my kind of guy. I also heard he's addicted to his Blackberry. We're kindred.

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