24 November 2008

Party Like It's Almost 2009

I went to Vegas as a tourist Friday and I had a blast. Most of my friends from my last job got together to celebrate a birthday. It wasn't just any birthday - it was Melissa's 30th birthday. That means it was a big deal. And I think we did it right.

I flew Virgin America Friday afternoon (so far nothing from their customer service department about that other issue) and I thoroughly enjoyed the flight. I enjoyed the fact that Virgin is in the International Terminal at SFO, and that I didn't have to take the airtrain to get there. I enjoyed that the staff pushed the passengers to be friends with Virgin on Facebook. I enjoyed the colors on the plane and I (not having any cable of my own) especially enjoyed the television.

There weren't very many channels, but I passed the time just fine with CNN, The Disney Channel, and VH1. I flew to Vegas without missing the latest on the what Congress did not do for the big 3, a new (to me) episode of Phineas & Ferb, and a Rock Doc on the last days of Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes. Thank you Virgin America for an enjoyable 90 minutes. Your customer service is still lacking.

I arrived just before six, got my rental car, picked up a purse from storage, and met Melissa at the Venetian. I showered, ironed, and proceeded to paint the town, as they say. A group of familiar faces met at the Hard Rock Circle Bar. I don't know if that's the official name, but it's a circle, and it's a bar. It's also a place we frequented when we all lived here.

It wasn't the same Circle Bar I remembered though. The bar itself was the same (still circular) but everything around it had been upgraded to be more rock & roll, more jiggly, more stereotypical Vegas. I don't think I liked it. It's just not the place where we made our memories. It's okay though - we made new ones.

We're all a bit different too. Once strong relationships have fallen apart. Once cordial associations have cemented. There were a lot of things that went unsaid but also a lot of good conversation. Thinking back to my first year in Vegas, I'm amazed at how much is different and at how much is still the same when we get together. We still like to party.

We went to LAX just before 1 Saturday morning. We were out until 4, when four of us decided to have "girl talk." we went to our room, got comfortable, ordered room service, and passed out before it got there.

From there, confusion ensued. I woke up maybe an hour later, thinking room service either didn't come, or came and left because we didn't answer the door. Everyone else was asleep on different corners of the bed. I got up to look for a blanket and there it was: a spread of tortilla chips, sandwiches, and french fries. Room service came through. That only confused me more. Who let them in? Did they just take the money off the table? Can they do that? Turns out they can't. Three of us slept through room service coming. The fourth double tipped. I sat up, turned on CNN, ate my sandwich, and went back to sleep, using a towel as a blanket. Viva Las Vegas.

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