07 November 2008

I Blog. Therefore I Vent

It seems like every time we adjust to or get around a problem, another one materializes. I'm ready to live a regular life, where I work, work out, and have misadventures on the weekends.
I now have a doctor (good) who is not rushing me to surgery (great) and who has given me a prescription for my blood pressure medication. Today I called to get that prescription filled through the mail order service. The woman told me my medication (Diovan) needs "Prior Authorization," where the doctor explains why I need it. I told her if I don't take it, I could have a stroke. And it really is that simple.
My apartment complex is now charging for overnight parking when there are no parking attendants on duty. I will now have to pay $10 for exactly the same service that led to my window being busted. It adds up to $490 through the end of my lease. Maybe I should tell that to the prescription lady who needs "Prior Authorization." I'm fuming.
I'm also sick. I have a cold and I know it's because I haven't been to the gym in two weeks and one day. When I don't sweat, I get sick. It's that simple. The gym issue is exacerbated by the car issue:
  • I park at work.
  • I have to remove my car after my shift.
  • There is no parking near my gym, so I come home where distractions abound.
  • I don't work out, I get sick.
I was so sick, I stayed home from work yesterday. It was my 5th time in my three jobs. I'm not good at being sick. I want to get things done in the time I should be resting. At the same time, everything takes a long time to complete, because my brain is muddled and foggy. 
I could go on, but my pity party is wrapping up. I have a date with happy hour this afternoon. Tomorrow I find a garage and get back to the gym.  There's also the issue of finding an apartment. Our standards may still be a little too high. Actually it's more accurate to say we have a little too much stuff.

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