04 November 2008

Counting Up To 270!

For the first time in my professional life, I spent most of the day out of the news room. I've been able to vote, watch others vote, and watch CNN uninterrupted. It's the best Election Day ever, and it's not technically close to being done.

We don't have internet at home, and we don't have cable. So Jesse and I are at a bar right now, watching election coverage. We were watching CNN, but some party of dudes (who reserved a table) had the bar keep turn to the Comedy Central special. I have nothing against Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert, I would just rather look at CNN, it' analysts and of course that awesome board. And did you see the Senate hologram? Amazing. So we're watching in silence, and about to go home so I can go to bed. I won't know the new president by then. I'm still not convinced Obama will really win. Projections are good, but it seems like such a solid win.

I'm also going to go to bed without knowing the outcome in the California election. There were several propositions on the ballot this year, and I'm curious about how people voted. Tomorrow will be a new day. That's a ridiculous statement if you think about it, so don't.

Hold on - VA went blue. Add 55 from CA and America has done the deed. I'm overwhelmed with pride.
~ Danie D.
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