26 November 2008

All I Could Stand

I had all I could stand Tuesday afternoon. I came home from the gym, and wanted nothing more than to make a nice dinner for us. I thought of picking up some chicken and making a pasta medley. I would also have to pick up frozen vegetables, as our freezer is too small to keep more than three things frozen.

This is the kitchen in our temporary place. The silver thing under the counter is the fridge. There is storage above and below the sink and the only counter space is next to the sink. That's where we prepare food, dry dishes, put the bowl when we want to pour cereal. It's a miserable situation for two people who like to eat together. Today the prospect of making due in that kitchen made me inactive. I stared at it and couldn't think of a plan of action. I wanted to be out of there and since the only thing stopping our move was a bed, I went bed shopping.

I compiled a list of all the mattress stores in our area. I plotted them on my google map, and headed out. I spotted Dirt Cheap Mattresses on the way to my first stop. It appeared to have exactly what I was hoping to find, so I went inside.

I was the only customer in there and the sales guy was really nice. He made suggestions in my price range, and pulled out mattress after mattress for me to try. I flopped and prodded and found one I really liked. And I got a woman discount on it.
There are certainly cons to buying certain things as a woman. There are pros as well though. He gave me $150 off the price he originally quoted me for the bed. He took $50 off the quoted box spring price, and gave me the frame for free. Delivery was another $75. So for $500, we got a queen sized bed, box spring, frame, and same day delivery. I'm pleased with my purchase, and with the fact that Jesse was happy for me to be happy. Part of me was worried he would have wanted to be there to make sure I wasn't getting ripped off. I don't think I was though, and that's good enough for him. He's so perfect for me.
Jesse and I went to the new place to wait for the delivery guy. While we waited, we took measurements and discussed floor plans Jesse had designed. We talked about paint, decorations, and how we are going to move. We listened to music, played card games, and shared a $5 foot long. I called the bed store, we paced, and I started blogging. Eventually the delivery guy showed up. He was 18 minutes late, but it felt a lot later, as I'm usually in bed at 7:30.
As soon as he left, we tore into the plastic, assembled the frame, and almost fell asleep there. The bed is high, and really comfortable. It's also on wheels, which will be a problem on the wood floors. The bed and I slid as I was diving onto it. We'll have to get little feet for it, just to keep it steady.
Now we have a bed. It's more exciting than finding a parking garage for my car. We're going to start moving this afternoon, and my first order of business will be to give my bus fair to a Salvation Army bell ringer. 'Tis the season to be thankful. And we really are.

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  1. That's great! I'm so happy for you guys! I had that problem with the wheels at my place in vegas.. i built that wood frame around it that stabilized it a little. Have fun moving!