03 November 2008

2nd Opinion Chooses A 3rd

I went to the doctor today. And I actually got to meet with him. My doctor is a older Italian man who I call "Doctor." He and I are going to be pals, mostly because he's in no rush for surgery.

When he first walked in, he asked "how can I help you?" I told him I was new here and that I needed a doctor and surgery, because my gall bladder doesn't work. He said "let me do my work," and hinted I should calm down. I explained about the move and the 10% functionality and told him I felt fine and didn't want any surgery at all. He said "let me do my work." I told him about the tests and he said he wanted to see them. I said I thought I had them sent. He looked at the chart and said "you did," and smiled.

Basically, I don't have any symptoms of a bad gall bladder, so he sees no reason to rush to surgery. My eyes & urine are not yellow. My tongue is clear and the stupid gall bladder doesn't hurt. The doctor pushed it really hard to be sure. So now we know I feel fine and look the part as well.

The doctor didn't say I'd never have to have surgery though. And he told the receptionist to leave my chart out for further review. And he told me to come back in a month after he showed my test results to a radiologist. I still have to avoid fatty foods and I should lose some weight. My advice to you: don't go to a doctor if you want to hear anything nice about yourself.

After the doctor appointment, I went grocery shopping. Say what I will about having a car, I couldn't buy groceries in the rain without it. Today my car was a plus, even though my windshield wipers were in Vegas a little too long and slosh rain more than actually wipe it away.
~ Danie D.
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