17 October 2008

Updates Before The Weekend

Muay Thai
I think I have found a Muay Thai gym. I had been planning to join the sister school to my Las Vegas school. But it's clear on the other side of town. I could take a train right from our place, but that can add up and the schedule is not the best match. I've decided to check out Fight And Fitness. I hear one of the owners knows one of my instructors from Las Vegas. The website makes it sound good and is the first fighting gym I've seen to post its prices. It is also within walking distance from my job, home, and other gym. So I'll let you know how that works out for me. I suspect good things.
"Baby X"
Also on the update front: "Baby X." That's what I'm calling my new sister / brother. It might sound mean, but it was the first thing I conjured. I'll be more specific once we can see some private parts. "Baby X" is eight weeks along, or (-7) months. I have confirmed this was not planned. My dad and his girlfriend are just not as responsible as many teenagers. She's also a few years younger than my dad (not the same age as I had thought) and has an 18 year old daughter. Everyone is excited, although I think I'm having the most fun with the situation.
I have teased my dad with everything you're probably thinking. I am constantly reminding him this will be his fourth child from the third mother. He'll be 70 when "Baby X" graduates college, 68 if the baby takes after me. He and Derek can take paternity shopping trips together. They can push their babies side by side in their strollers. My brother will have a son that has an uncle / aunt younger than he is. We're bordering on trashy. I offered to call Maury, but there's really no controversy. The men in my family have baby fever. They obviously think prevention is for saps. I hope someone can learn from this.

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