28 October 2008

Unknown Missions Accomplished

When last I wrote, I was on my way to see a woman about a head. Specifically, my head and the conditions under which she would braid the hair thereupon. I make it seem like a big to-do, because it is. I prefer my hair to be braided my Africans. Not Black people, Africans. It you've ever had your hair braided, you know the difference. Nothing against Black braiders. Africans just do a better job for less money.

With the nature of my profession, it's ridiculous to assume there are braiders in a place just because my nappy head and I are. So there's always the "seeking" part of getting my hair done. I killed my hair in Fargo trusting people who had "studied" hair like mine. Eventually the "African General Store" opened, and I walked in asking if anyone inside could direct me to a braider. She couldn't save my hair, but she kept it tidy while I grew back.

In Vegas I found the cousin of a friend of a stylist who knew a co worker. That also worked out well. Here I went to the Internet. I used yelp (www.yelp.com) and picked a place based on reviews. The site works for any business anywhere, assuming someone has been there and written a review. Jesse found yelp, and I've been touting it since last week.

So I found a Wednesday. She agreed to do my hair Thursday, meaning I spent Wednesday night ripping out the old braids and making a large mess. Thursday went smoothly, and led me to my previously unknown mission.

Since then I've finished the "His Dark Materials" series of books. It starts with "The Golden Compass," which was a (terrible) movie last winter. I read the book when I decided to see the movie. I bought the second book ("The Subtle Knife") here, at a used book store. I opened it Thursday, finished it Saturday. I got the third book ("The Amber Spyglass") from the library Saturday afternoon, and just finished it. They're all fantastic. I'm not sure why they're marketed to kids - as there are a lot of Physics & religious theories involved - but the books are engrossing.

I'm out of their web now though. Above you see my new hair. Now I'm on to the matter or early voting. California has a lot happening on the proposition front.

Have you read any good books lately?
~ Danie D.
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