06 October 2008

Peanut, Growing Strong

Let's not forget I have a nephew brewing. This is Peanut at -5 months. My brother says (at last check) he's 1 foot long and weighs in at 11 ounces. I guess that makes him a healthy -5 month old. It may no longer be appropriate to call him "Peanut." He might be more of a "Walnut," or "Chestnut."

There have been some squabbles over my little nephew, but I think they're all to be expected and all out of love. Basically everyone (this girl included) has had some criticism for what my brother is trying to do. It's not right. At the same time, my brother has proven he needs constant meddling, so it's only fair.

~ Danie D.
Courtesy of my Verizon PinkBerry

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