15 October 2008

Obama: I Don't Believe The Hype

I'm watching the debate on my computer and blogging from my phone. I'm also sewing a whole in my gym bag. But that's neither here nor there.

Jesse asked why I bother watching the debates, since I know for whom I'm voting. Aside from being a fan of all things political, and from my wanting to keep up with the joneses, I want to witness.

I know the numbers say Obama is ahead in the polls. The pundits are giving him the election and saying McCain is running out of options. Those same pundits will be stammerring November 5th. This election will be a lot closer than a lot of people think. It's not what people say, it's what they do. Someone with a CNN survey in their face might say 'I'm totally voting Obama,' but will that person (a) show up to vote and (b) be okay with a Black president? My cynical side says 'nope,' and 'not really.'

The Obama Campaign has targeted youth, going so far as to put up billboards in video games. But I have doubts gamers and 20 somethings will show out en masse. Voting can be inconvenient. And people like my brother Derek (a 20 something gamer / father-to-be) are not likely to make the time.

In terms of race, I don't know if the majority of white people are ready. Obama is the 'Black' candidate, even though he's as much Black as he is White. People don't look much further than the color on the tv. When union members in Ohio are saying 'I can't vote for that Black boy,' can you imagine what people in the red states are saying? I don't want to generalize - Jesse does not like me accusing North Dakotans of anything but the best hospitality. I know differently though, and won't pretend to be naïve either. It's one thing to listen to hip hop. It's another to elect a Black Commander in Chief. No one wants to admit that because it's ugly. Minorities have been voting for White people since they allowed us to do so. Now the tables may be turning and it's an issue, quietly.

I think this election will result in an argument to do away with the Electoral College. I think the votes will be that close. I think the candidates know it too, and that it's keeping Obama poised and McCain hopeful.
~ Danie D.
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