21 October 2008

Inhale... And Exhale

It's been quite a day and I am glad to report it's over for me. The car repair people are coming to my job tomorrow to fix the window. I supposedly got a discount through my insurance company and the price is comparable to other quotes I received.

I also told the doctor I now have a number. My new appointment has been set for early November. I drove my car with the busted window through town today, and was fortunate enough to park next to another (nicer) vehicle with the window purposely down. We got to drive our groceries home, instead of walking with them. I got to clean and organize - which always relaxes me. And Jesse picked out a delicious wine. I'm content and ready for bed.

Although we're now suspicious one of our CD books from the car is missing. Hopefully it's under the seat. We'll see.

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