04 October 2008

Friday Night Adventure

The city of San Francisco is only seven miles wide. I think we walked at least that this past Friday night. We started with at the balloon that's furthest to the bottom right of your screen. You may have to pan right to see it. One click on each balloon and on each line will explain our journey.

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Some of the spots have pictures attached. If you don't see them, you can also follow the link on the right of the page.


  1. David Weiner says you are the most creative person I have ever met in my life. Seriously... just when I think you've reached your ingenuity limit. you pull off something like this..A Google map blog... seriously how do you come up with this? Incredible. I miss you.. Shayne and I are going to see Bill Maher's new movie tomorrow. I'm going to the Dodger playoff game tonight. Another whirlwind baseball trip. Flying down, then flying back.

  2. Seven miles wide by seven miles high. 7X7=49. That's why they're the 49's.