16 October 2008

Danie On Joe The Plumber

I have always had a lot to say. My first grade said so on my first report card. I've been garrulous ever since.

Today I want to talk about Joe The Plumber. Actually, I don't. But everyone else does. As I heard on CNN this morning, Joe made the perfect case for John McCain. He represents part of the GOP cause -- small business owners who could help the economy if (instead of taxes) they kept their wealth and hired people. McCain pounced on Obama for saying 'share the wealth,' because that supports the idea that Obama is a renegade socialist -- throwing out money to fund equal education and social programs. I hope McCain's point came across to those undecided voters, because I think money is what divides us. And people need to decide where they stand.

Without getting too deep into Republican financial theory, the GOP wants less spending and smaller government. I think that's possible, with a more efficient government. Until then though, I think those who can pay more taxes, should pay more taxes. As I understand it, that money goes toward funding the country and the programs and services therein. The people who need those services are probably not the ones who can afford to pay for them. The whole idea might actually be socialist in nature and you know what? I'm okay with that. There are worse things than helping one's copatriot. If Joe The Plumber buys his business, makes a name for himself, and makes a lot of money, he'll do some good by hiring people. I believe he'll do more good though, paying taxes that will keep programs in his community going. I don't pretend to know exactly where tax dollars go. But in my mind, they help people and helping people is good.

I think James Carville is wearing the same suit he wore yesterday. I'm almost positive.

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  1. oh wow, I am soooooo on board with you! HOW can anyone see things any other way? It is beyond me.
    I said the same thing about McCain. Add up all the pro-lifers, the bigots, the evangelists, AND the yellow-dog republicans...it isn't gonna be any landslide. I'm just sayin. *THEODORE says one guy should be President in the morning, and the other one can work in the afternoon!* Hey, it works for kindergarten! {jessica in cincy}