02 October 2008

24 Hour? Not For $79!

Here is the beginning and the end of my relationship with 24 Hour Fitness. I went into a 24 Hour Fitness branch willing to pay more for my membership. They tried to charge that... and more. I am no longer a customer of 24 Hour Fitness.
I joined in 2005, right after I moved to Las Vegas. I paid for the "All Club" Membership, which meant higher enrollment fees and higher dues. I eventually realized I wasn't using all clubs, I was actually just using one club. So I downgraded. I did not ask for or receive a refund for the higher enrollment fees, nor for the last month's dues - which I had already paid. Three years later I moved to San Francisco, and planned to upgrade to an "All Club" Membership. The idea was to work out while still figuring out the permanent housing situation.
So I volunteered myself to pay more. A membership representative and a manger told me there would be an additional $79 fee for enrollment:
"But I'm already enrolled."
"Yes but you're enrolled in the 'Single Club.' You need to be enrolled in the 'All Club.'
"I enrolled in the 'All Club.' I paid for it. Then I downgraded."
"Oh I see. Yes you did. But you still have to pay for it again because the system won't give you credit. After that though it's just $3 more a month. If you go back to your original 'All Club' price, you'll pay $10 more a month. So in ten months, it'll pay for itself. And if you sign up for your original 'All Club' Membership, you still have to pay the $10 difference in the first and last month's dues."
"I already paid those dues, when I signed up the first time."
"Well the computer won't let him [member representative] override that field."
"So no matter what, you want to charge me what I've already paid?"
"Well you have the two options..."
And then I left. That was Monday. I went back Wednesday to cancel. How dare 24 Hour Fitness try to gouge me? I had been a member for three years. I paid all my dues and I signed up for personal training sessions three times. Apparently there is no consideration for customer loyalty. I kept thinking 'Verizon would not do this.' It's ridiculous. In honor of my friend MLB, I will be writing them a letter. It will be scathing.


  1. Danie

    Picked up your story on Google alerts and I am an executive with 24 Hour Fitness and I'd love to get in touch and see what can be done to make things right. My direct email is rdrake@24hourfit.com . I really hope to hear from you as I believe we can figure this out.

    warm regards,

    senior vice president
    business development

  2. Get out, is that REALLY from the exec at 24 fitness? LOL I am going to die! You rock!

    We are so excited for you making this big move. You look fantastic and when you get settled I will beg Ben to get us out to see you!