29 October 2008

Verizon Wireless - Epitomizing Good Customer Service

Something about this move has made my interaction with customer service almost a daily happening. There have been both positive (24 Hour Fitness) and negative (Pacificare) experiences and I've decided to write about all of them. I want to sort it all out here, so my complaint & compliment letters are all concise.

Verizon Wireless

Last month, Jesse and I decided to get Broadband Internet access through Verizon Wireless. We're in a temporary place and did not see the point in paying $100 for Comcast to come and "install" a cable to the wall. We were also not about to get a phone line, then pay AT&T to also install DSL. Broadband was as fast as we needed, the same price as what we paying in Vegas, and portable. We signed up and started surfing. I got my first bill today and I was not pleased.

I thought the Internet access was unlimited. Likely my own wishful thinking. It's free up to 5GB of data usage. I think that's a lot. But for Jesse and I, it's not nearly enough. We eat 5GB and keep going. Our overages (at $.25 per MB) came in at $190. So add that to my PinkBerry service, and the 1.5 months of regular Broadband service and my bill was more than $300 after a discount through my job. I called Verizon and am pleased to report it's all been handled.

The woman on the phone apologized for my unexpected bill. I know she has to say that but it made me think she really would help me figure it out -- instead of try to convince me why I just had to pay it. She explained about the data usage, told where to look to keep track of it, checked where I was for this month, and reversed the $190 charge. It probably took five minutes. I was very satisfied with the whole thing.

Unfortunately, my 30 day trial is about to end and I'll be canceling the Broadband service. We're apparently Internet addicts and will need a much bigger fix.

(Have you seen the upcoming Blackberry Storm? I hope it comes in Pink)

Safelite Auto Glass

You might recall that car break in situation a little more than a week ago. My car was repaired by Jerry from Safelite Auto Glass. The company was recommended by my insurance company and has some sort of discount for Progressive customers. First of all, a person answered the phone when I called. That's important. He was pleasant, helpful, thorough, and patient. (I ended having to coordinate with Jesse and call back.) The next day, Jerry called to tell me what time he expected to arrive (within the 8AM - 12PM window) and he arrived at that time. He too was pleasant -- explaining what was going to happen and how long it would take. He vacuumed the glass, replaced the window, washed it and waited for me to test it. The whole thing took less than 45 minutes.

San Francisco Department of Parking & Traffic

Jerry from Safelite also recommended I contest the parking ticket I got that same morning. That's right - a parking ticket on a car missing a window. Thank you San Francisco Department of Parking & Traffic. The ticket was for parking outside of the lines. Had I pulled it out of the envelope then, I would have seen there was a second ticket for being in front of a broken meter. It didn't seem broken to me. It took my money and gave me credit. What else was it supposed to be doing. And as far and being outside the lines -- I work at 4AM. I parallel parked in between to cars. They were gone by the time the DPT arrived, but there was another car ahead of me and one behind me. So we all fit. And clearly I was near enough to a meter, since I was busted for using an allegedly broken one. Harrumph. I am now contesting both tickets.

Nevada Power, Now Nevada Energy

I paid our second-to-last power bill twice. My only inclination of having done so is that my checking register and my online banking statement were off by exactly $138. Despite the $138 credit AND the $110 deposit I gave them in 2005 as a deposit, Nevada Power (now Nevada Energy) sent me a final bill for $41.04. I called to protest and was on hold for 14:59 before I hung up. I paid the bill and called back after the check cleared. The woman told me my $138 will be mailed in 10 more days. I hung up before I could ask about the deposit and had to call back. The second woman was one of those "explain why you pay what you pay people," instead of one of those helpful Verizon types. That made me combative and condescending. She put me on hold and printed my bill. My deposit had been applied to my credit a year ago. That's all I needed to know.

Trinity Management

We rent from Trinity Management. Trinity by far has been the worst customer service since we've been in San Francisco. I had an agent before the move. I talked to her several times and emailed her as well. She's fine and seems competent. She's the only one. The day we moved in, I arrived at the rental office at 1:25PM only to find a sign saying no one would be back until 1:30. I waited there, while Jesse waited three blocks away, guarding the car full of stuff. I stood outside that office until 2PM, when a woman strolled in with a Frappucino and without remorse. I told her why I was there. She got my folder, watched me write out a check for the first two months' rent, then told me they could not take personal checks. I huffed to the bank, came back and tossed the money at her. I wanted to throw it, but I was an adult. She didn't have our mail key, and couldn't tell me why. There was nothing I could do in the face of her incompetence.

My agent later told me I needed an account number from the power company to exchange for my mail key.

Trinity Management also lacks some things I find to be basic: package notifications for example. We're supposed to check the office log for packages. They do not put any notice in your mailbox. UPS & FedEx do, but if you're planning to send me your condolences via the USPS, you'll have to warn me so I check the office. Or I can send some random girl to get it, since they don't ask for identification before they hand out packages. The bed is so uncomfortable, I have yet to sleep through the night. Once I was convinced I'm sleeping on my phone. Jesse thought we were laying on the box spring. We were both wrong. And then there's the whole car break-in in the underground "supervised" parking lot. The night after my window was busted, the car parked next to me had his window busted too. There we were -- tw0 busted peas in a patrolled Trinity Management pod.

As you can see, I'm brimming with consumer issues. I've lived here for a month, a week, and some days and already I've had my fill of 800 numbers and selection menus. I've also had positive experiences with the San Francisco Election Department, and Progressive. Still, I hope to be back below the customer service radar within weeks.

28 October 2008

Unknown Missions Accomplished

When last I wrote, I was on my way to see a woman about a head. Specifically, my head and the conditions under which she would braid the hair thereupon. I make it seem like a big to-do, because it is. I prefer my hair to be braided my Africans. Not Black people, Africans. It you've ever had your hair braided, you know the difference. Nothing against Black braiders. Africans just do a better job for less money.

With the nature of my profession, it's ridiculous to assume there are braiders in a place just because my nappy head and I are. So there's always the "seeking" part of getting my hair done. I killed my hair in Fargo trusting people who had "studied" hair like mine. Eventually the "African General Store" opened, and I walked in asking if anyone inside could direct me to a braider. She couldn't save my hair, but she kept it tidy while I grew back.

In Vegas I found the cousin of a friend of a stylist who knew a co worker. That also worked out well. Here I went to the Internet. I used yelp (www.yelp.com) and picked a place based on reviews. The site works for any business anywhere, assuming someone has been there and written a review. Jesse found yelp, and I've been touting it since last week.

So I found a Wednesday. She agreed to do my hair Thursday, meaning I spent Wednesday night ripping out the old braids and making a large mess. Thursday went smoothly, and led me to my previously unknown mission.

Since then I've finished the "His Dark Materials" series of books. It starts with "The Golden Compass," which was a (terrible) movie last winter. I read the book when I decided to see the movie. I bought the second book ("The Subtle Knife") here, at a used book store. I opened it Thursday, finished it Saturday. I got the third book ("The Amber Spyglass") from the library Saturday afternoon, and just finished it. They're all fantastic. I'm not sure why they're marketed to kids - as there are a lot of Physics & religious theories involved - but the books are engrossing.

I'm out of their web now though. Above you see my new hair. Now I'm on to the matter or early voting. California has a lot happening on the proposition front.

Have you read any good books lately?
~ Danie D.
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22 October 2008

All Better

The window is fixed. Jeffrey from Safe lite met me at my job, vacuumed all the busted glass, replaced the window, and washed it. He even gave me advice on how to contest my parking ticket du jour. Not only do you have to pay the meter, you apparently have to be between the lines too. It looked well and good when I parked there at four this morning, but what do I know?

Anyway, he fixed the window and we're thinking about renting a space in another garage. This morning Jesse (who walked me to my car) and I saw the car next to mine had its window smashed. At $230 a pop, it might be cheaper to guarantee safety with a locked facility.

That chapter is behind us now. I'm off on my next adventure: getting my hair done.
~ Danie D.
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21 October 2008

Inhale... And Exhale

It's been quite a day and I am glad to report it's over for me. The car repair people are coming to my job tomorrow to fix the window. I supposedly got a discount through my insurance company and the price is comparable to other quotes I received.

I also told the doctor I now have a number. My new appointment has been set for early November. I drove my car with the busted window through town today, and was fortunate enough to park next to another (nicer) vehicle with the window purposely down. We got to drive our groceries home, instead of walking with them. I got to clean and organize - which always relaxes me. And Jesse picked out a delicious wine. I'm content and ready for bed.

Although we're now suspicious one of our CD books from the car is missing. Hopefully it's under the seat. We'll see.

Health Care Update

I now have a member number for Pacificare. The made it effective on my start date. I also feel a burning on my right side. Related? Time will tell.
I'll see about getting a new doctor appointment just as soon as I get that hole in my car fixed.

Update 3

Progressive is all wrapped up with this claim, since the cost should be out of pocket. When I called this morning, the woman told me to absolutely file a claim. So I did. MY case was assigned to a guy who handles damage. Once he understood it was "just" glass, he sent my case to someone else, who deals in glass. She called. We chatted. Case is closed.  She did give me a referral though, for a place that might have a discount for Progressive customers. I will be calling them shortly.
I also got a recommendation from Parking Spot Mate 1. I thought that was especially nice of her given what I've done to her car. Apparently car break-ins are as common as car scratches and parking tickets. I guess this is my inundation to San Francisco. I feel so welcomed.

Update | San Francisco Hates My Car

Progressive called a repair shop. The repair shop called me. The guy said it would probably be cheaper for me to go a glass repair shop. He then quoted me $268. It would be $418 including labor and tax. I have a $500 deductible, so all of that will come out of pocket.
I called the referred glass company but there was no answer. I really wish I had time for this.

San Francisco Hates My Car

This is my car. It usually has a window. Today, it does not. You may notice it's parked in a "secure" garage. I walked up to it at 3:30 like I do every morning and noticed there was glass everywhere. It appears the violator smashed the passenger window in and took the change out of the change cup. None of the CDs were taken, nothing with my name on it was taken from the glove compartment. A jacket in the back seat was still there. And that's about all I keep in my car.

Now it's full of glass.

I called Jesse, Progressive, and my mom. Jesse came down. Progressive found a repair shop. My mom told me to move.

I don't know what we can do differently. We park in a well-lit, patrolled garage. We don't keep things on the seats. We don't keep things in there period. So I don't know what we're going to do.
~ Danie D.
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20 October 2008

Insurance Does Not Get You Medical Coverage

I am giving up on the active search for a doctor to refer to me to a surgeon who will eventually remove my gallbladder. I no longer think it's worth it. I've played by the rules. I've sought medical advice. I've taken tests. I've taken Barium and been injected with a clear radioactive substance that induces immediate nausea. I even changed jobs and prevented any lapse in my medical coverage. Or so I thought.

The insurance at the new job started on my first day. I was covered and therefore charged from the get, or "jump street," as my grandma would say. I carefully selected a plan - one that will cover 100% of out patient surgeries and allow me to go to an eye doctor once a year (because not all plans do). I searched my network and found a doctor therein. I made an appointment two weeks in advance, provided my insurance information, and called Las Vegas to have my medical records and test results faxed. I arrived more than an hour for my appointment today, left 90 minutes later, and never got to meet with the doctor.

When I signed up, I was given a temporary insurance card. I had to fill in my employer, the group code, and my doctor's name. I filled it and gave it to the receptionist when prompted. She called the provider to get a number for me - everyone needs a number. Pacificare, my provider, did not have a number for me. The receptionist told me the doctor could not see me, as there was no real proof I had insurance. I called Pacificare. I explained the situation to the guy on the phone and he was perplexed. He said he could see my information, but not all of it. He pulled me up under the employer, but could not access my account to see to which plan I belonged. I asked if there was anything he could fax showing I had coverage. He said there was not, and directed me to my own Human Resources Department. He was pleasant and apologetic. But not helpful.

I called my HR representative. She called whoever she needed to call - but it was 2PM, 5PM on the East Coast. She recommended I go to through with my appointment, pay out of pocket, and get reimbursed.

It costs $244 for an uninsured person to meet with a doctor for a first time.

I agreed to pay it.

The receptionist prepared my chart and led me to a room, where we discussed the surgery I told her I would need. She informed me the doctor could not recommend a surgeon without knowing the name of the group within the network to which I belong. He couldn't even give me names, because I need to have proof of insurance for that. Insurance alone is not enough.

So I called Pacificare again. I explained to the woman that the last guy was very helpful and could see that I at least exist in the system. I asked her if she had any specifics as to the name of the group (as I had the network) and she said 'no.' I started to cry. I thanked her for her time and hung up. The receptionist told me her next opening is in mid-November but that she would squeeze me in as soon as I had a number. I decided right then to skip this business altogether and called my mom to tell her so.

Of course she didn't agree and gave me an optimistic timeline that puts me in surgery in four weeks. But I'm really over it. I have tried really hard to cut out all the foods I'm not supposed to have. I found a doctor as soon as I could. I harassed Bobby in medical records back in Vegas until he sent my test results. I called my provider. I called Human Resources. I laid it all on the line for the receptionist. I have found a lot of people willing to help but who can do no such thing. Instead, they have prompted a bunch of questions.
  • First of all, why am I paying for health insurance? I checked my pay stubs. I surely am paying for it.
  • Why do they give me a temporary card that's useless? I can't get treatment. I can't fill a prescription. I have a card-shaped piece of paper that gets me a lot of time wasted.
  • When can I expect to see a doctor? And when could I get in to a surgeon after that? How long before the actual surgery is even scheduled?
  • How important is this? My Las Vegas doctor thought it was imperative. The Internet backs that. But I think it would be easier to buy a gun, shoot myself in the stomach, and have ER surgeons take it out that way.
I'm ready to quit on my gallbladder. It quit on me first anyway.

19 October 2008

Greetings From Oakland

We're at another Raiders game, this time against the Jets. I came to see Brett Favre, but I have to say I'm impressed with the fans.

As a team, the Raiders have issues sealing the deal. The team moves the ball easily at first, then freezes when they get within ten yards of the end zone. It's brutal for die hard fans. They get so excited, then so disappointed. It happens every drive, and if it were my team, I would have given up long ago. Still, plenty of Raiders fans come out and cheer. They give their team support week after week. They're passionate and dedicated. I'm not sure the team deserves either.
~ Danie D.
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17 October 2008

Updates Before The Weekend

Muay Thai
I think I have found a Muay Thai gym. I had been planning to join the sister school to my Las Vegas school. But it's clear on the other side of town. I could take a train right from our place, but that can add up and the schedule is not the best match. I've decided to check out Fight And Fitness. I hear one of the owners knows one of my instructors from Las Vegas. The website makes it sound good and is the first fighting gym I've seen to post its prices. It is also within walking distance from my job, home, and other gym. So I'll let you know how that works out for me. I suspect good things.
"Baby X"
Also on the update front: "Baby X." That's what I'm calling my new sister / brother. It might sound mean, but it was the first thing I conjured. I'll be more specific once we can see some private parts. "Baby X" is eight weeks along, or (-7) months. I have confirmed this was not planned. My dad and his girlfriend are just not as responsible as many teenagers. She's also a few years younger than my dad (not the same age as I had thought) and has an 18 year old daughter. Everyone is excited, although I think I'm having the most fun with the situation.
I have teased my dad with everything you're probably thinking. I am constantly reminding him this will be his fourth child from the third mother. He'll be 70 when "Baby X" graduates college, 68 if the baby takes after me. He and Derek can take paternity shopping trips together. They can push their babies side by side in their strollers. My brother will have a son that has an uncle / aunt younger than he is. We're bordering on trashy. I offered to call Maury, but there's really no controversy. The men in my family have baby fever. They obviously think prevention is for saps. I hope someone can learn from this.

16 October 2008

Danie On Joe The Plumber

I have always had a lot to say. My first grade said so on my first report card. I've been garrulous ever since.

Today I want to talk about Joe The Plumber. Actually, I don't. But everyone else does. As I heard on CNN this morning, Joe made the perfect case for John McCain. He represents part of the GOP cause -- small business owners who could help the economy if (instead of taxes) they kept their wealth and hired people. McCain pounced on Obama for saying 'share the wealth,' because that supports the idea that Obama is a renegade socialist -- throwing out money to fund equal education and social programs. I hope McCain's point came across to those undecided voters, because I think money is what divides us. And people need to decide where they stand.

Without getting too deep into Republican financial theory, the GOP wants less spending and smaller government. I think that's possible, with a more efficient government. Until then though, I think those who can pay more taxes, should pay more taxes. As I understand it, that money goes toward funding the country and the programs and services therein. The people who need those services are probably not the ones who can afford to pay for them. The whole idea might actually be socialist in nature and you know what? I'm okay with that. There are worse things than helping one's copatriot. If Joe The Plumber buys his business, makes a name for himself, and makes a lot of money, he'll do some good by hiring people. I believe he'll do more good though, paying taxes that will keep programs in his community going. I don't pretend to know exactly where tax dollars go. But in my mind, they help people and helping people is good.

I think James Carville is wearing the same suit he wore yesterday. I'm almost positive.

15 October 2008

Obama: I Don't Believe The Hype

I'm watching the debate on my computer and blogging from my phone. I'm also sewing a whole in my gym bag. But that's neither here nor there.

Jesse asked why I bother watching the debates, since I know for whom I'm voting. Aside from being a fan of all things political, and from my wanting to keep up with the joneses, I want to witness.

I know the numbers say Obama is ahead in the polls. The pundits are giving him the election and saying McCain is running out of options. Those same pundits will be stammerring November 5th. This election will be a lot closer than a lot of people think. It's not what people say, it's what they do. Someone with a CNN survey in their face might say 'I'm totally voting Obama,' but will that person (a) show up to vote and (b) be okay with a Black president? My cynical side says 'nope,' and 'not really.'

The Obama Campaign has targeted youth, going so far as to put up billboards in video games. But I have doubts gamers and 20 somethings will show out en masse. Voting can be inconvenient. And people like my brother Derek (a 20 something gamer / father-to-be) are not likely to make the time.

In terms of race, I don't know if the majority of white people are ready. Obama is the 'Black' candidate, even though he's as much Black as he is White. People don't look much further than the color on the tv. When union members in Ohio are saying 'I can't vote for that Black boy,' can you imagine what people in the red states are saying? I don't want to generalize - Jesse does not like me accusing North Dakotans of anything but the best hospitality. I know differently though, and won't pretend to be naïve either. It's one thing to listen to hip hop. It's another to elect a Black Commander in Chief. No one wants to admit that because it's ugly. Minorities have been voting for White people since they allowed us to do so. Now the tables may be turning and it's an issue, quietly.

I think this election will result in an argument to do away with the Electoral College. I think the votes will be that close. I think the candidates know it too, and that it's keeping Obama poised and McCain hopeful.
~ Danie D.
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13 October 2008

This Just In...

Another baby is on the way! My father (the baby making machine) has another one on the way. Details pending.

11 October 2008

San Francisco - A Plus

I'm a girl who likes efficiency. I can appreciate things created or tweaked to make tasks easier or faster. Today I saw the height of efficiency at a Safeway grocery store.

For some reason, we're always out of food. It's probably because we don't have a lot of kitchen space. We plan our meals carefully and get only the ingredients needed. We can't fit anything extra. But when those specific items run out, the cupboards are bare. And we're back taking a walk up to Safeway, which is probably nine blocks away.

This morning we stopped for coffee along the way and my skinny latte is probably the only reason I saw what you now see above - a cart cup holder. It's more than that though. The slots are labeled for grocery lists and coupons respectively. And of course there are two pen holders. As someone who had a beverage, a list, coupons, and two pens at the grocery store this morning, I think it's perfect.
~ Danie D.
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09 October 2008

Danie's Economic Policy - Since Everyone Else Has One

Washington needs to back away from Wall Street.
The best thing our congressional representatives can do for the economy is nothing at all. Yes, we're in a bad place economically. Yes, I think the worst is yet to come. Yes, I have a 401k that's losing value every day. Yes, I am scared. But the deeds (and mortgages) are done. No amount of promises made with make-believe-billions can save us. Our economy is a fire along a natural gas pipeline. Even with the valves shut off -- it has to burn itself out before anyone can get close. That's a callous metaphor. Lives and lifestyles are at stake. But if $700 billion can't keep you positive, it really is time to give up.
I know, the Dow seemed confused -- losing 700+ when the bailout bill didn't pass the House, losing 700+ when it did. But investors are smarter than politicians. They don't use Monopoly Money and just print more when they want it. And they're less apt to be reassured by those who do.
The idea is, while banks are not lending, you and I should go out and spend. We should pay these higher prices for everything if for no other reason than to keep the wheels spinning. No thank you. There are no guarantees those who worked today will be employed tomorrow. There are no promises those laid off tomorrow will find another job in a month or two. America will move again when her people are ready. It's not for politicians to push me to a department store to cover up what they chose not to prevent.
Mortgage lenders were running unchecked, luring buyers willing to pounce on supposedly good deals without doing their homework. Now it's fodder for presidential debates and The Situation Room, but no one had issues with cronies or lobbyists three years ago, when there was that "slow leak" in the Las Vegas housing bubble. Back then -- before people were kicked out of their homes with their credit ruined, and before builders stopped building -- Washington did not care. Meddling now is only making things worse.
I propose lawmakers do nothing. They should let the markets tank and the fledgling businesses fail. A lot of people will go down with them and that will be awful. I'm not sure Jesse and I would escape unscathed, but I think it's what's best for the country and I'm willing to put myself out there for the greater good.

08 October 2008

A Tasty Treat

I came home from the gym today to a delicious chicken chow mein prepared by my darling Jesse. It did have noodles in it, but by the time I washed my hands, started scarfing, and remembered to take a picture - this was all that was left. Jesse has been on a cooking kick since he knew we were moving to San Francisco. He made a chicken and vegetable dish one night, and some baby potatoes another. I ate both with gusto, but without pictures. I promise to get better at sharing Jesse's culinary talents as soon as I learn to control myself when I'm hungry.
~ Danie D.
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06 October 2008

Peanut, Growing Strong

Let's not forget I have a nephew brewing. This is Peanut at -5 months. My brother says (at last check) he's 1 foot long and weighs in at 11 ounces. I guess that makes him a healthy -5 month old. It may no longer be appropriate to call him "Peanut." He might be more of a "Walnut," or "Chestnut."

There have been some squabbles over my little nephew, but I think they're all to be expected and all out of love. Basically everyone (this girl included) has had some criticism for what my brother is trying to do. It's not right. At the same time, my brother has proven he needs constant meddling, so it's only fair.

~ Danie D.
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04 October 2008

Friday Night Adventure

The city of San Francisco is only seven miles wide. I think we walked at least that this past Friday night. We started with at the balloon that's furthest to the bottom right of your screen. You may have to pan right to see it. One click on each balloon and on each line will explain our journey.

View Larger Map

Some of the spots have pictures attached. If you don't see them, you can also follow the link on the right of the page.

03 October 2008

The West Coast

We've made it to the ocean. My fingers are a little stiff. As you can maybe tell, a storm is blowing in and it's chilly. We love it.
~ Danie D.
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Back To The Gym I Go

A representative from 24 Hour Fitness really did contact me. I mean I know you can see his message below. I'm just letting you know he is who he says he is. I emailed him, and I am pleased to report all is well in the land of my fitness. In fact, everything was resolved before 10 this morning. Expeditious, friendly and without any extra fees. I am pleased. And I will be at the gym tomorrow.

02 October 2008

24 Hour? Not For $79!

Here is the beginning and the end of my relationship with 24 Hour Fitness. I went into a 24 Hour Fitness branch willing to pay more for my membership. They tried to charge that... and more. I am no longer a customer of 24 Hour Fitness.
I joined in 2005, right after I moved to Las Vegas. I paid for the "All Club" Membership, which meant higher enrollment fees and higher dues. I eventually realized I wasn't using all clubs, I was actually just using one club. So I downgraded. I did not ask for or receive a refund for the higher enrollment fees, nor for the last month's dues - which I had already paid. Three years later I moved to San Francisco, and planned to upgrade to an "All Club" Membership. The idea was to work out while still figuring out the permanent housing situation.
So I volunteered myself to pay more. A membership representative and a manger told me there would be an additional $79 fee for enrollment:
"But I'm already enrolled."
"Yes but you're enrolled in the 'Single Club.' You need to be enrolled in the 'All Club.'
"I enrolled in the 'All Club.' I paid for it. Then I downgraded."
"Oh I see. Yes you did. But you still have to pay for it again because the system won't give you credit. After that though it's just $3 more a month. If you go back to your original 'All Club' price, you'll pay $10 more a month. So in ten months, it'll pay for itself. And if you sign up for your original 'All Club' Membership, you still have to pay the $10 difference in the first and last month's dues."
"I already paid those dues, when I signed up the first time."
"Well the computer won't let him [member representative] override that field."
"So no matter what, you want to charge me what I've already paid?"
"Well you have the two options..."
And then I left. That was Monday. I went back Wednesday to cancel. How dare 24 Hour Fitness try to gouge me? I had been a member for three years. I paid all my dues and I signed up for personal training sessions three times. Apparently there is no consideration for customer loyalty. I kept thinking 'Verizon would not do this.' It's ridiculous. In honor of my friend MLB, I will be writing them a letter. It will be scathing.