21 September 2008

We're Doing This

The best thing about being able to email from my pinkberry is that I can blog any time and have pictures included.

So far on our first day in SFO, we discovered cars can park safely at 90 degree angles. We also learned we'll have no reason to be out of shape. Also, it's very difficult to walk uphill and carry a conversation, unless that conversation consists of "woah," "jeez," and "this is ridiculous."

We also walked from our hotel (the Mark Hopkins Intercontinental) to our temporary place at Trinity plaza. We were less than impressed with what we could tell about the apartment. Judging by the blinds and ceilings, we might hate it there. On a positive note though, there was a market across the street, where I saw the biggest pile of grapes I could ever have imagined.

We went from the market to my job, just to see how I would get there by public transportation. Tomorrow I'll be driving, since I'll have to move my car anyway. And speaking of my car... Want it? It's already become a cloudy spot. I'm constantly thinking of ways to park it. Our hotel offers parking for $50 a night. Thanks but no thanks.

I already have lots of other things to tell you. But I'm really dirty, Jesse is out of the shower, and it's a good time for a nap.
~ Danie D.
Courtesy of my Verizon PinkBerry

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  1. So glad you made it in safe! Hope you have a wonderful 1st day! I'll try and email you the pictures from your Going Away Party this week... I'll TRY.... =)