28 September 2008

Post Game Wrap

We came. We saw. We stayed.

Getting to the game was no problem. We got on a train right outside our building (after a quick trip through the farmers' market) and got off at a walkway to the stadium. We got inside, got our bracelets, and walked the club area. It was like your average ball park concession area - except it was inside, with seating, television, and massages.

We walked through the area and around the stadium looking for hear. Home-team-apparel is a must. Wearing black and silver is not enough if there's not a little pirate on your person. Jesse got a hat and I got a long sleeved t-shirt. We were ready to find our suite.

It turned out to be one level lower than where we were. It would have helped to know that before we got on the elevator going up, but in the end, it didn't really matter. We found the suite just in time for kick-off.

It was a nearly overwhelming experience. We were (as you saw) on the 50 yard line. The game and the fans were RIGHT THERE. And the Raiders seemed to know it. They came out dominating and defending in the first half. I was starting to think the bad times were over. But the Chargers drank the kool-aid over halftime. They scored 28 points in 30 minutes. The Raiders had no answer. It's not fun when the home team loses. You could feel the moral drop. Personally, I was kind of embarrassed for them. And annoyed that we spent $80 supporting a bunch of losers.

When it was time to go, there was nowhere to go. Thousands of people took the train to McAfee Coliseum and obviously had to get home somehow. We stayed in the suite until the stands were cleared. That just got us to the train station bridge that much later. We could have jostled and pushed, but we were too full (or possibly not in the mood to anger depressed fans) and we stayed back. I think the result was a less crowded ride to our next adventure.

~ Danie D.

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