15 September 2008

OK. We're Really Moving.

Since I was offered the job, I've had doubts we would really be moving. I mean a verbal agreement is only as good as the people who agree they heard it made, right? What if they rescinded and I quit my job here in Las Vegas for nothing?

Even after I filled out an application and received an offer letter, I still went about my day to day activities as if my life was the same as it had been. I went to the gym. I did the dishes. I left the clothes in the closet and the pictures on the walls. But now I realize I'll be in San Francisco in less than a week, and it's starting to feel real.

We've sorted nearly everything into four groups: going, storing, selling, and donating. We've learned about neighborhoods and ridiculous housing prices. We've researched ways to make the most out of tiny living spaces. We've told the world and gone through the motions. Today though, we secured a place to live.

It's a temporary place right downtown. We'll be living in a furnished studio apartment at Trinity Plaza. The building used to be a hotel. They added a stove, a fridge and a whole lot of legalese -- and folks, we have an apartment. I signed the lease today and sent the deposit. Having an address means we're moving to San Francisco. This is a big deal and I think the excitement is about to overflow. But not yet.

I've scheduled a lot of things before I leave town, including medical appointments. Today my eye doctor made the prescription for my right eye a little stronger. And he wants me to wear the new lens for a week before deciding to order new contacts or keeping the old ones. I'll place the order and hope they can be mailed. Tomorrow I meet with the dentist and Wednesday I get to tell my general practitioner I'm skipping surgery.

There are other things I want to say but I'm really tired. I've been trying to tap the flow for almost an hour and the words are barely coming. That means it's bed time.

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