09 September 2008

I Hope You're Ready

We're going on an adventure. Jesse and I are packing up for my new job in San Francisco. I'll be producing for the CBS affiliate there, KPIX. I'm not going to explain the entire story, but representatives from KPIX were here in Las Vegas months ago. They happened upon me doing my current job, and liked me. Eight months later, they have me. This means a lot of things and while I'm not sure of the best way to explain all the implications, I realize I do need to pick up where I left off - the gallbladder.

I followed my doctor's orders and consulted a surgeon. At least I made the attempt to consult a surgeon. The earliest appointment was three weeks after I called. I explained to the receptionist my gallbladder is only functioning at 10%. I also (for interest of full disclosure) told her about the hiatal hernia. She explained to me the doctor only works 9AM - 4PM (good for him) and said a three week wait was fine. A few hours later. SFO called with an offer. Realistically thinking, there's no way I could consult a surgeon, schedule a procedure, have it, recover, pack, and move in one month. Something had to be sacrificed, and since the gall bladder isn't working as it is, it was an easy decision. I mean it's not doing anything for me, and it may only be doing minimal work against me. Stupid thing.

I have not however, forgot about the "ticking time bomb" aspect my doctor mentioned. Neither have my parents or Jesse. I give you the same promise I'm giving them; I will get the gall bladder removed as soon as fiscally possible. My new insurance begins after 30 days. So - accounting for social time - we're looking at the beginning of November. In that time I will be more gall bladder conscious than I was when I thought it was pulling its weight. I will exercise and eat foods that are easily digested. As for the hiatal hernia (which means my stomach is creeping into my chest) I will not do overly strenuous lifting. I will eat small portions and stay upright afterwards. As you can tell, I've done my research. So let's all put worry about my innards on a shelf and get ready to move.

~ Danie D.

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