24 September 2008

Fitting In... Almost

That's not paint. And that's certainly not the clear coat. That, my friends, is a casualty of parking. On my first day, (when I got the $50 parking ticket) someone told me tickets and car scratches are common. She also said if I got one I would hopefully not get the other. She was wrong.

Parking is a fiasco. Coming in is fine - just back in to the assigned spot. But I am in a tandem spot. So when my parking-spot-mate comes in, she parks in front of me. I'm first in and first out. So the last thing I have to do at work is move her car so I can move mine. She leaves her window open and keys in the ignition. Everyone in a tandem spot has to do that. There is security, so it's safe. Until I come in a start banging around. This happened after I found an effective way to move her car without leaving it in the way of mine. I was done with maneuvering and on my way out when I heard the scrape. I had looked to make sure I had space up by the window. But I forgot how my car bubbles near the bottom. Harrumph.

Everyday I'm amazed at what's on my plate. And everyday I'm amazed at what I accomplish. Blogging (for instance) is a big deal, because we don't have the internet. Everything comes from my phone. It's a tad more strenuous for my fingers, but I want my feelings preserved. Anyway, today I produced my first show. Things were not as smooth as I had planned, because there were some details that had been kept from me until way too late. I also got a mail key. I didn't have one before because I needed to give the management company an account number for the power company. It would have been done sooner, had the woman who checked me in on Monday explained as much. But she didn't. Also today, I canceled my Nevada Power account and Jesse and I went grocery shopping. trust me when I say that's a big deal.

We're surrounded by what I would call "bodegas." they're corner stores that have immediate grocery needs. They do not have (what I would call) preferred grocery needs. So a bodega would have bars of soap, but not St. Ives Face wash. I think they'll be plenty sufficient in the future. But we started with bare cupboards. We needed everything. And we decided to walk to a grocery store. We brought two big reusable bags and filled them. We then had to carry them back. We probably walked a total of three miles this afternoon. But I got to cook, and that brought me a lot closer to feeling "home."

There are a lot of other things I'd like to report. I have major developments on my nephew, I'm bitter because I haven't worked out since before we got here, I have new observations about making friends, and I think we're going to a Raiders game this weekend. But I'm exhausted. It's after eight, and my bedtime is seven.
~ Danie D.
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