19 August 2008

Tests So Far

So far I've had an ultrasound and a HIDA Scan. An ultrasoung is pretty boring: the technician rubbed me with goo and in the end told me nothing about what she saw.

The HIDA Scan was way more intense. First I got a needle taped inside my arm - for easy access. I was injected with Clear Concoction A. Then I laid on a skinny bed, with a pillow for my head and another for my knees. I also put my arms in a loop that (when placed over my belly) kept my arms suspended. The bed was raised and pushed forward into a tube. It was like an MRI tube, but shorter. There were also square plates above, below, and next to me. The plate above me came down to about four inches from my face and there I was, snug as a bug with a possible gall bladder problem. I laid there for 40 minutes while Clear Concoction A went into my gall bladder. It was supposed to then drain, but it didn't. Miss Technician #2 said that was normal. She had me stand up and walk around. It timed out perfectly though, because Jesse had returned.

I went back into my cocoon and encouraged Jesse to take pictures. But once I was fully inside he said "I'm not taking pictures. This is scary." So you can blame him for missing out.

Clear Concoction A
finally drained and it was time for the "chaser," Clear Concoction B. That one had to be dripped in through my needle over 5 minutes, because it can cause nausea and cramping. It should be sold over the counter as puke in a syringe. Withing 30 seconds I thought I was going to hurl. And then the cramping started and I thought I was going to hurl and choke on it. And then it stopped, just as quickly as it came. Miss Technician B gave me a little more. And the ride started again. She flushed Clear Concoction B with some saline. I lay there for another 15 minutes. When it was all done, I asked her if I had stones. She said she couldn't say. Harrumph.

Now I'm waiting for the X Ray Technician. It's time to take a shot of Barium.

I'm going to be late for my hair appointment.

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