05 August 2008

Doctor's Visit

I'm at my doctor's office right now and I'm bordering on furious. I've never been a fan of coming to a place, paying money, and being asked to wait. Then going into another area to wait again, only to end up hearing bad news (oh you have an enlarged heart). But I have to go - the doctor only gives me a 3 month pressure pill supply.

So here I am. It's after 9. I made my appointment for 8:15. I was here at 8:13. At first miss receptionist didn't act like I had an appointment. Then she asked what I wanted to discuss with the doctor. The lady who scheduled my appointment had already asked that... But I repeated it anyway. The woman who took my weight and blood pressure also asked. My pressure was a pleasant 106 / 82 then. I'm sure it's much higher now. I've been pacing my cell listening to my doctor chat outside. I've been nicking some medical supplies in protest, but I do not feel better.

She's here!
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