20 July 2008

It's Official. I'm Legit

July 10, 2008

My parents taught me to strive for excellence. I wouldn't say I was raised to be competitive - I never had a direct opponent. But if I brought home a 96, my dad would ask why I didn't get a 100. He was never angry, just curious. I would explain that a 96 was still an A, and he wouldn't be satisfied, but what else could he do?

In school the highest symbol I knew was the certificate. To me, it was a testament to greatness that forever proved (my) dominance. Over the years, I got a lot of certificates. One by one, they were split between my parents and the end result was that I had only vague memories of my achievements. But that's all changed, thanks to Muay Thai. I took the belt test in April and got m certificate earlier this month. It's from the Muay Thai International Association. It basically says I'm a yellow belt, which we knew. It lists my teachers, who I know. And it inspires me to go further, which we never doubted.

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