18 July 2008

Grand Canyon: The Rim

July 5, 2008

We felt as if our luck had changed. But I also thought it was more than luck, and I told Jesse just as much. Everything we had done that day led us to be right on time for the open site. Every turn we made, every refueling stop, every minute we spent at the points of interest - every single thing we did that day led us to the right place at the right moment. If we had skipped touring the sites, we would have been too early. Everything was as it should have been and I was quite happy.

We walked to (and along) the rim of the Grand Canyon. I tried to think of something better than "Grand Canyon," but I was at a loss. It's a rip in the planet. If I didn't know how it formed, I'd guess the Earth had been pulled tight, gouged, and left with a permanent wound.

As you've seen, there's nothing to keep people visitors safe from themselves. Jesse and I found a spot to sit and as we were walking towards it, I was almost overwhelmed by my own mortality. If I had slipped on loose rock, there would be no way to save me. My only hope would be grabbing a root or cactus. It's daunting and Jesse preferred we not talk about it.

Instead, we perfected our next camping trip. We listed the things we wished we'd brought. We both really like camping and know we could do better. From planning to packaging, I think we found a way to improve everything. Even sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon, I like to be productive.

Dinner was a bit of a fiasco. We began preparing too much too late. Yes we had the grill. But cooking over the open flame seemed like a better idea. We had hot dogs and brats - and decided to boil water for macaroni and cheese. And we hadn't washed dishes, so we have few options on that front. Also the table was no where near the fire. And it was dark. We did though have a great time laughing at ourselves. We ate, cleaned, and got ready for bed just as the fire died. We were cool, full, and refreshed. Sometime overnight we woke up to rain and a cool breeze. Perfection? Yes.

The next day we took the scenic route home, partially along Route 66. We didn't make any stops worth noting. But the pictures are nice. Those are off to your right. All in all, I fully endorse camping.

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