16 July 2008

Camping: A New Level In General

July 5, 2008
Every camper / pioneer needs to be outfitted. From what I've read and learned from television, the best place for that is the General Store. It's where Jesse and I went once we finished setting up camp at the Grand Canyon. We went for ice and firewood. We spent $40.

It couldn't be helped though. We were high on the success of finding our (my) ideal camping location. Jesse was (in my opinion) finally fully enjoying our trip. It wasn't too terribly hot and promised to be cool at night. And the General Store turned out to be more than a store. It was actually a grocery - apparel - restaurant that sold hiking equipment. The antiquated look outside was misleading. I didn't expect much and therefore didn't take pictures. The above is a file picture from the Internet. But I should have known, since there was a Chase Bank next door.

Our first stop inside was at the beer cooler, where I learned the General Store was actually not gouging customers. The prices weren't too much more than what we pay in Las Vegas. And considering gas prices and location, the prices might have been reasonable.

So there we were. Imagine, if you will, two dirty, sweaty, and likely stinky people in a very clean and busy shopping center. I highly doubt the choice if cubed or deli-sliced cheese is typical of a camping trip. We felt like cheaters. But that's not to say we didn't take advantage. We bought fruit (pineapple & bananas) as well as ice, firewood, a spatula with an Oscar Meyer hot dog as the handle, and chips - as we still had a lot of salsa left. I also bought hot dogs which I had / have forbidden myself to eat. They're loaded with sodium and are an antidote to blood pressure medication. I talked myself into because we were celebrating. It didn't hurt that we had seen a sign encouraging hikers to take in additional salt to make up for sweating. The idea of hot dogs cooked on an open flame (even followed by a headache) was just too powerful.

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