03 June 2008

A Good Day For This Yellow Belt

I had fun today. It started with rumors of Hillary Clinton's concession. And while those did not pan out to be true, she's not going to be president. I don't dislike Hillary, but I don't like her for president either. I want fresh, because I think the county needs fresh. Hopefully John Edwards comes around for the vice president spot.

My fun continued with a relatively smooth day at work. In Muay Thai, I again felt the responsibility of having a belt, and I believe it pushed my workout a little further. There were only four people in my first class. Two of us were yellow belts, while the other two were white. Master Lookchang used the other yellow belt (a lummox of a dude) to demonstrate the first few techniques. But Lummox was not getting it. He was blocking when he should have been standing, and punching when he should have been kicking. And even though there was another dude in the class, Master Lookchang chose me for demonstrations. I'm not sure if Lummox was offended, I think I would have been if I were demoted from technique demonstrator.

In my second class, there was one green belt (next up from yellow) and two yellow belts. None of us were selected for demonstrations, as we were only target punching. But while most of the class had to hit four targets, we yellow belts had to hit six. The green belt had to hit eight. It felt good to be pushed. Jesse says I need to be training for something in order to do my best. I think I just need to know someone is watching. Either way, I feel great.

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