08 June 2008

Don't Expect What You Pay For

Generally I don't mind paying for what I want. If something is worth it - either because of quality or functionality - I'll spend whatever I need to spend. But I am finding I can't always expect what I pay for. This is a disappointment delivered by iTunes.

I don't remember having any other complaints about iTunes. I used to buy music through Napster, back when the legal version was first available. I paid $9 a month and thought I was downloading all the songs I wanted. The songs appeared on my computer, and I played them whenever I wanted. But my privileges stopped there. I couldn't make CDs - meaning I couldn't take the music with me. I asked myself what good it was to pay for something that couldn't do what I wanted and the answer was 'no good at all.' I gave Napster its music and it returned my money. I don't know if the company is still in business, but I can't see how it survived.

Part of the reason I enjoy iTunes is because I can make CDs with music I buy. I can take that music to go, and even store it on up to five computers. But I can't convert it for the Pinkberry.

BlackBerry phones allow people to take songs saved on their computers and use them as ringtones. It (I imagine) is supposed to make up for not being able to easily download other ringtones. BlackBerry can accept and play several different formats, just not the one used by iTunes. There's a simple way to convert songs uploaded to iTunes. But there is no such option for purchased songs. Once again I don't feel I'm getting everything that should come with my purchase.

I'm practical. I know I'm only paying $.99 per song. I know I get plenty of use for that price. I know if I could convert the songs, I could likely upload them to other sites. Still, I want to really own something when I buy it. And to own it is to use it however I wish. I wish to use The Charlie Daniel's Band for my ringtone and I can't. Of course I can get the song from someone who has the CD, but then why did I bother paying for it in the first place? I guess the only way to really buy and truly own is to go and actually get. But who does that? Apparently this girl will have to start


  1. There is a solution to this, albiet a tedious one... Burn the music to a disc and use CDex to re-rip the music as MP3's.

    Fun huh?

  2. Wow I never knew this... see all I have missed while I couldn't access your blog!

    P.S. do you have my ice bucket and scoop? lol