28 May 2008

The Week In Review II

Last Wednesday, I received my yellow belt. I know I promised pictures, but it was really only half the ceremony it was supposed to be.

At the end of class, Master Lookchang called the belt graduates up to the front, one by one. He presented us with our belts, wrapped, then tied them. We were also supposed to get certificates, but they're coming from Thailand. I'm not sure when they'll be here, but I'm glad we got the belts before they arrived.

I did not find a wealth of knowledge within the satin of my belt. Instead, I found having the symbol of capability made me want to try harder. Instructors use belts as a skill level reference guide. Theoretically, the higher your belt, the more you know. But not everyone takes the belt test. So there are people who have been there longer than I have, but who have to stand behind me when we line up at the beginning and end of class. Having the belt has been added motivation for me to work harder, and make my technique better. It's fantastic.

I really enjoy Muay Thai. I enjoy learning the combinations, practicing the techniques, and (regardless of how it sounds) being able to kick someone down. It's empowering. And the people are encouraging. I'm hoping I'll be ready to fight in December or January. I'll keep you posted.

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