14 May 2008

Likes & Dislikes

I like boys with curly hair. I think this started in high school with a curly haired boy named Jerry. It has followed me through life to Jesse, the boys on Kid Nation, and now to this eighth grader named Remington. Remington was my partner for my second Mauy Thai class tonight and we had a splendid time. At first he tried to keep me at bay with teenage aloofness, but I wore him down and we ended up getting trouble for chatting instead of kicking.

I do not like boys who do not think I can be their Muay Thai equal. My first partner in my first class was such a boy. I don't know his name and I don't want to know. I do know he avoided eye contact during shadow boxing, choosing instead to watch himself in the mirror. It's rude not to maintain eye contact with your partner. We spend 30 seconds a class staring into each other's eyes and we're supposed to maintain that for the hour. This guy (who was smaller than I) thought he was too good for that. I disagreed.

I like that I passed the day without thinking about being hungry. There were some moments when I almost reached for food (I keep my desk stocked to keep me from the vending machine) but the day flew by for the most part. Now I'm relaxing and I have plenty of mixture to get me to bed time.

I do not like that I still have a few stomach seizures every now and then. Today was better than yesterday. I should be back to normal by the time I start eating on Monday.

I really like that John Edwards came through for Barack Obama today. I never doubted he'd endorse Obama and I still have hope for the Obama / Edwards ticket.

I really don't like that I received a package on dry ice, covered in stickers reading "refrigerate immediately"and the UPS left it on a patio in Las Vegas. Idiots.

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