23 April 2008

Picnic On A Budget

I am of the mindset that we are already in a recession. I think it's proven by the fact that people who couldn't define "the r word" six months ago now have a very clear understanding. No, we don't have riots of over food prices just yet, but people are making tough decisions about food and gas, and even casinos are losing revenue. Those things don't just start and stop overnight. Furthermore, my company picnic this year was a potluck.

I think most businesses put on both a picnic and a holiday party as a sign of employee appreciation. This was my third picnic with this company and for the first time, it wasn't catered. The staple barbecue foods were provided, and cooked by members of management. But I (as someone who doesn't eat beef or pork) had to bring my own meat. I did. And I brought enough to share.

I thought the picnic was nice. I had a good time and got to talk to people I normally wouldn't. I didn't mind bringing food, because I understood the situation. In tough economic times, it's difficult to set money aside for fun. If bringing a box full of wings means we can keep out stellar holiday party, then so be it. But I know a lot of people had gotten used to the catering, and they didn't come out at all. And that just left more wings for me.

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